Payara Foundation web site opened (en)

Payara Foundation is established and this web site opened a few days ago. Please visit to and know more about Payara Server and Payara Micro!

The site is the hub for all persons who are contributors, developers, users, evaluators, bloggers, etc. If you are unfamilier with Payara, I propose to visit Payara Foundation web site at first.

Payara Foundation is relies on Payara Community ( and development of Payara continues that. Payara Foundation describes to contribute Payara with practical steps, so it's clearly what we can do for Payara.

This year would be the special one for Payara. Payara changes more powerful both the production and the foundation. Let's contribute Payara for it's more progress!

It may unnecessary digression, Headquarter of Payara locations Malvern Hills Science Park, England. There is near by Worcester and very beautiful place around natural park. I wish to work such a work-site someday.